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Game Development Schools

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Redmond, WA, USA.
DigiPen Institute of Technology is authorized to offer degree programs in Washington State and is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (DigiPen's Authorization and Accreditation details). At DigiPen, students not only learn the skills for making games and animations, but they also learn how to perform in teams, design complete projects, and produce on a schedule. We offer degree programs in Real-Time Interactive Simulation, Computer Engineering, and 3D Computer Animation, along with summer workshops for a wide variety of students, and outreach programs to high schools and technical centers nationwide.

Full Sail Real World Education

Winter Park, FL, USA.
Full Sail's Game Design & Development Bachelor's Degree Program can get you on the road to a career developing, designing, and programming games for consoles and computers. Spend those 21 months here on Full Sail's campus, and you'll learn everything about the game design process from instructors with years of experience creating video games.

University of Washington Extension - Certificate Program in Game Development

Bellevue, WA, USA.
This program is intended for C++ programmers who want to develop skills to enter the game development field. The program focus is on PC-based games, with concepts extendible to console games. Students develop skills to create a simple, fully functioning game engine with 3D graphics and sound and user interface; they also write a simple 3D graphics demo with objects imported from 3D Studio Max or similar authoring tool. Students develop skills to introduce advanced techniques (including Multiplayer, Skeletal Animation, AI, and more) into their game. The Game Development Certificate Program is designed by UW faculty and leading professionals in the field, and approved by the UW Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

DePaul University, School of Computer Science - B.S. Degree in Computer Games Development

Chicago, IL, USA.
The B.S. degree in Computer Games Development reflects the fact that the field of computer games development is tremendously multidimensional and requires expertise from such areas as: mathematics, physics, programming languages, operating system, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, art, graphics to name only a few. The program emphasizes technical components of the game development process. Students graduating from this program will be well prepared for the process of game design and implementation.

The Guildhall at SMU - Certificate Program in Digital Game Development

Dallas, TX, USA.
The certificate program in digital game development is an intense, 21-month (seven-term), professional development program for digital game developers. The curriculum was designed by expert teachers working with leaders in the digital games industry to provide students with a solid foundation in digital game development. At the completion of the program graduates receive a certificate with a specialization in one of three areas: Art Creation, Level Design, Software Development

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